Weigh Scales & Services for British Columbia

We have obtained the highest industry service standards of Measurement Canada Accreditation and provide over 150 years of scale industry experience.

Our highly trained and skilled service personnel will ensure proper repairs, calibration and documentation to satisfy any quality system.

We Offer:
  • Full service of our dealer brands as well as other weigh scale brands
  • Test truck with 10,000kg of certified test weights
  • Overhead cranes and presses to calibrate your tension and compression load cells in house
  • 24 hour emergency service, 7 days a week
  • Custom designed maintenance programs tailored to your system requirements
  • Accredited by Measurement Canada to perform inspections to certify and re-certify scales legal for trade

Scale Maintenance Services
Extend the life and ensure the accuracy of your weighing equipment, regardless of manufacturer, by taking advantage of B.C. Scale Co. Ltd.’s maintenance services.

Inspections, Tests & Calibrations
A B.C. Scale Co. Ltd. inspection, testing and calibration includes a written report of the inspection and an evaluation of the conditions of your weighing equipment.

Measurement Canada Re-Certifications & Initial Inspections
As an accredited company, B.C. Scale Co. Ltd. is able to perform inspections on Measurement Canada’s behalf. We can provide both initial inspections of your new scales or re-inspections of existing scales that require this service.

Equipment Updates
B.C. Scale Co. Ltd. offers the skill, parts and products necessary to modernize a wide variety of weighing applications. You may also choose to have us interface your weighing equipment with your computer system.

Keep your truck scale operating in top condition with regular lubrications. A B.C. Scale Co. Ltd. lubrication of mechanical hopper or truck scales includes: lubrication of pivots, bearings, load pins, load buttons and load cell pins.

B.C. Scale Co. Ltd.’s overhaul services give you the option of upgrading your weighing equipment without the cost of buying new. Bring back the original accuracy and operating efficiency of your weighing equipment regardless of the manufacturer. B.C. Scale Co. Ltd.’s service technicians provide a written report of their inspection and evaluation of your weighing equipment and a written quote for work needed. Your approval is required for any work to be performed. Your B.C. Scale Co. Ltd. service technician will expertly install the necessary parts to return your scale to “like new” condition. We guarantee that all applicable Measurement Canada accuracy and operating specifications are met.

Pit Cleaning
Regular pit cleaning is essential for proper operation of truck scales. Build-up of debris, water, mud and spilled commodities will eventually cause truck scales to fail. Let B.C. Scale Co. Ltd. perform the dirty work for you to ensure the continued accurate operations of your truck scale.

Balance Service
Our certified balance technicians are factory trained in balance repair. Our balance repair facility has a full range of class I test weights and laboratory balances for weight calibration and certification. We offer the option of traceable certificates for balances and weights.

Measurement Canada Authorized Service Provider
Fairbanks Authorized Distributor